Managed Print Services

At GIT we know how much of a headache running and managing your printing services can be, with the costs of hundreds of hours of employee time; sourcing of new products; the fixing of related problems; and just the sheer inconvenience involved.

As a 21st century organisation, you need to have a host of printers so you are able to meet the, often wildly different, requirements of your departments. The result is that you have a enormous number of printing assets which all need constant servicing, troubleshooting and sourcing of print consumables.

GIT's Managed Print Services (MPS) involve managing your hardcopy device fleets-whether they are copiers, printers, multifunction devices, or fax machines-in a unified whole that makes printing one less thing you have to worry about. You can instead, concentrate on your core business while GIT does all the hard work.

At GIT, we sit with you to discuss your particular needs in depth, make a comprehensive assessment and then come up with a package that has been calculated on the strictest economical basis. In previous discussions, we have come up with solutions that have reduced printing expenditure by up to 30%.

The advantages to your company of GIT's Managed Print Services are:
  • You can opt to purchase the equipment outright or take advantage of our long term lease packages (3-5 years) thus eliminating the need for upfront capital expenditure
  • You receive completely up-to-date management information with consolidated billing
  • You obtain a fully-proactive maintenance service for your equipment network
  • There is ongoing optimisation of your printing environment throughout the life of the contract
  • You receive continued assistance in tracking and updating your company's printing profile
  • You have the ability to track exactly where printing is taking place across your organisation, from the largest department down to the individual user
  • You are able to eliminate the need for staff to involvement in the maintenance of the system, dealing with suppliers and the associated costs of ordering of printing supplies from a variety of other companies
  • You experience a reduction in the total cost of ownership of the printing devices you currently own
  • You will notice a substantial decrease in your environmental impact by optimising toner use

Contact us to speak to one of our dedicated print consultants who will work with you to offer you the solution you need for your business.

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