Value Proposition

Value is at the heart of what we do at GIT. From the very beginning, we have always felt that there is a place for value without compromising on quality without an environmental cost; it is purely a matter of searching for the right approach so the ideal solution can be found. This is the essence of the GIT Value Proposition:

'An environmentally-protective solution to your printing needs that does not compromise value or quality.'

GIT offers you as either a small, medium, or large company, a range of printing products and support services that will not only transform your consumable and printing service buying power, but will assist you in the reduction of your company's environmental footprint. Who says you cannot have value and quality?

The GIT Seven Point Pledge

GIT enforces its Value Proposition through careful, everyday adherence to a seven point pledge that underscores our commitment to quality, value, service, and the environment.

Unmatched Quality

We also provide further peace of mind with our unique warranty. GIT provides you, our customer, with compatible remanufactured toner cartridges for printers, fax machines and copiers of the highest quality and workmanship. We are convinced that this level of product quality cannot be matched by any of our local competitors.


We are extremely proud of a reliability rate that is consistently around 98.2%, and underlines GIT'S technical capabilities. For a comparison, it should be noted that equivalent new HP consumables only achieve a reliability rate of 99.5%. This means that you can rely on GIT products almost as much as you can a more expensive, brand-new OEM cartridge.

Superior Savings

Average remanufacturer defect rates across the industry are consistently three or more percent higher than our products. This is a substantial difference and could save you, depending on your consumption, a substantial amount of money over a relatively small period of time.

Unrivalled Warranty

We also provide further peace of mind with our unique warranty. While most resellers offer warranties of between three and six months, at GIT we have such confidence in the quality of our equipment and consumables that we are the only company in our field that offers up to 24 month period of warranty. This covers any damage to the product, or to the machine using them.

Perfect Planning

This level of quality is the centrepiece of our STMC and ISO accreditation, as we are holders of ISO 9001: 2008 by German TUV. We believe that this demonstrates the degree to which, at GIT, we plan quality into everything we do.

Great or Small

Service at GIT is not just a word. We believe that service is something alive and tangible; it means that if you ever have an issue with our service, we need to make it even better. We pride ourselves in meeting your every requirement, whether you are an individual or the largest public corporation or government ministry.

Rewarding Loyalty

We believe in promoting loyalty, and those customers who have worked with us for the past decade or more have stayed with us for a very good reason-they are delighted with what we do. To achieve this, we have ensured that loyalty is rewarded through the usual great products and levels of service, but also through additional benefits that we offer for the gift of their loyalty.

Daily Delivery

We offer an unrivalled next-working-day free delivery service across the UAE and in Nairobi (Kenya) for all GT-branded products. Whether ordering a single toner cartridge or several thousand, GIT leads the industry in its standards of friendly, efficient and customer-driven service.

How many times have you been told that 'unfortunately, the item you require is out of stock'? Sympathetic comments from the staff; expectations that the order will take some days-or even weeks-to be shipped, and you are left very disappointed-and without that crucial item you need to carry on your business.

GIT guarantees availability at over 95% on time, next day, every time.

Unlike our competitors, who often only keep the fastest moving items in stock, GIT has no need to order its cartridges from abroad. At GIT, our range of over 300 unique products is made by the region, in the region and for the region. Our production can adjust to any shortfall and make product available exactly as and when they are needed-and not a moment longer.

Add this to a fast next-day free delivery system, and we need say nothing more.

Planned Profitability

GIT's determination to always have our products ready for your needs comes from our commitment to planning and to ensuring our delivery system works perfectly first time, and every time. Added to this is the fact of our location. Situated at the heart of the region, GIT ensures your business profits from a faster delivery of goods compared to what our competitors offer.

Superior Service at a Lower Price

We react rapidly and with the advantage that we do not need to consider lengthy shipping and order processing times, you receive the goods you need without suffering potential downtime, which affects your business and our reputation. Indeed, GIT has not experienced any measurable product delays over the years, but has instead offered all our clients the superior service they demand, and with the reduced shipping costs and lack of delay that accrue from our location.

Fast Delivery

Whether you are a local company or operate in the wider region, GIT will not only offer you quality products at a reasonable price, but will also deliver them to your door on time and free of charge in these countries where GIT operates.

Fixed Prices

As GIT is a GCC company, where you also operate, we assist your business limited exposure to currency risks and fluctuations as you are not importing from outside the trade bloc. Our price stability is extremely important to us because we commonly fix our prices for the entire calendar year unlike our completion that are continuously importing shortfalls of stock, and which are subject to regular variations in currency fluctuation. Add this to shipping and duty costs, and an enhanced carbon footprint, and GIT's true value as your supplier emerges.

GIT Reliability

If you compare this with rival OEM products, the difference is marked. This means that your business is able to make long-term plans and fix your marketing budget rather than rely on instead of the spot-business-model you would otherwise be forced into.

Everything under one Roof

GIT is able to considerably reduce the amount of time you spend making print purchases. By purchasing with us, you can obtain printers, printer cartridges, and all of our diverse services in one place. We create convenience; we save you time so that you do not need to search for and identify the usual plethora of potential suppliers and service providers. Instead, we leave you the freedom to focus on your profitable operation. This can mean, for example, that you can save one to two months of lengthy order-processing and shipping time for your order, and therefore potential downtime and loss of business.

Saving you Money

GIT offers you the highest quality products at a cost substantially lower than OEM consumables. You can make average cost savings of 10% to 25% compared to OEM prices through our fully transparent pricing and discount system; you can generate clear pricing goals and build a trusted relationship with your end-users.

Higher Export Margins

If you are a trade and export customer, GIT offers you prices allowing you significantly higher margins in your operations. Compare these margins to the 2% to 5% commonly offered by OEMs. We think this speaks for itself.

Environment First

The core value that underpins GIT's founding principles and our continued operation is our commitment to environmental stability, environmental protection, and environmental support. GIT has been, and still is, at present, the only industrial-scale manufacturer of compatible consumables in the region.

Region First

We are the first manufacturer in the region that produces environmentally friendly products and contributes significantly to environmental protection in the UAE and beyond. With our range of products, GIT is proud that we actively and significantly reduce waste and the burden of hazardous substances on the environment.

Reduction First

With each single cartridge purchased, you directly help diminish around a kilo and a half of highly non-degradable plastics, rubbers, aluminium, metals, and chemical powders-items that actively and irreversibly damage the environment when they are dumped in landfills, as is usually the case for OEMs.

Each remanufactured toner cartridge that your company buys from GIT directly impacts the environment to the tune of 4kg of CO2. How is this achieved? Through reduced raw material use, thanks to our remanufacturing process, and by being local, reducing fossil fuel use thanks to local availability.

Buying GIT makes an impact.

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